Famous People From Argentina

It is a beautiful country with official language Spanish, but it is different from the Spanish spoken in Spain. In a lot of ways, Argentina is more Italian than Spanish. There are a lot of languages spoken in Argentina, and these include French, German along with English. The population is around 39 million and the climate in this part of the world is temperate. Most of the people in Argentina are of the European ascent that means that they are separate from the people of other Latin American countries. Emotionally and culturally there resemble more Europeans than Latin Americans. The constitution of the country embraces the religion of Christianity, though in the last 10 to 15 years, Islam is also gain a foothold.

There are many known people in the field of science, technology, sports, and literature from this country. This beautiful country has produced leading sports personalities such as Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, and Pop Francis. Diego Maradona, known for Hand of God goal against England in the year 1986 was a famous incident. Messi is the current football superstar who is much popular among soccer lovers.

The culture is centered on the relationship, so when you are in the country you need to develop your own network. The Argentineans normally like to do business with one whom they respect and trust is there. They encourage face to face meetings, rather than writing or telephone which they often regard as impersonal. They feel that you need to look good in front of others and, for this reason, they will judge you not only by the way you speak but how you present yourself.

When you plan to visit Argentina, avoid the months of January and February as they are the vacation times. During the period of Christmas, it is also better to avoid a visit. The rest of the year is the perfect time to visit this place.