Famous People Born in Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang is a province to the south of Shangai and the Yangtze delta. It is a beautiful coastal province, which is spread wide across an area of 1,00,000 square kilometers. This coastal province supports a population of about 47 million.It has a fertile soil,plenty of water and abundant tasty fishes in its waters. That is the reason why it is called as the land of fish and water. The people of this province manufacture ear plugs, electrical switches and fluorescent torches.

The names of a few people can't be forgotten for the success and fame they have achieved. Some of such people are Jack Ma, Ding Li, and Shao Genhuo. Jack Ma is the founder of the company Alibaba and he is 33rd in the list of billionaires and second richest in China. His e-commerce firm is the first company in the world to set a record as world's biggest public sector offering in the US. He has won the entrepreneur of the year during the year 2015. He has won three other awards as well.

Another person who has earned a good name in the field of technology is Dins Li. We all play internet games because of this man. He is the founder of the internet games portal called Netease. His portal has a number of games for the children to play and enjoy. It is because of this portal that he became rich and famous. He is at present the 10th richest in China with a net worth of about 8.4 billion dollars.