Famous People Born in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the place where the famous declaration of independence was signed. This is the fifth most populous city in Pennsylvania. The Greek meaning of the word Philadelphia is brotherly love. We can see Independence Hall here. This is the place where the treaty of independence was signed.It is a commercial, educational and legal center, which is evident from the extremely talented people who are born and raised here.

One fine example of such persons is Alexander Karp, who is the Cofounder of a private firm called Palantir. He is a person who became famous in Silicon valley even though he did not have a technical degree. His initial enterprise was an asset management company which was successful. The secret of his success is that he hired many technical people in his company to make his dream come true.

Amber Rose is an American actress who was initially a model for Louis Vuitton print. When she was a dancer, she was given a chance to cast in music videos. This made her famous when the music videos like Massive attack, vacation and a few others were a hit. She is an actress who had made herself bald for the past 8 years.

In the field of sports, Kobe Bryant has made a mark as a very good player. He was considered to be the best player in the 20th century has seen. He brought victory to his team by winning two Gold medals at Olympics during the year 2008 and 2012. He, along with his team has won 5 NBA Championships. He played a major role in achieving them.