Famous People Born in Oregon

Oregon is a heavenly state with different kinds of beautiful farms, dense forests, rocky mountains and alluring beaches. The states which lie close to Oregon are Nevada, California, Washington, and Idaho. Salem is the capital of Oregon and the minimum wage per hour here is 9.25 USD. There are two major rivers in Oregon, which quenches the thirst and other needs of the people of this place are Columbia and Snake. This is the 27th largest state and the population is estimated 4 million. It is a good place to invest and the small companies performed better that the bigger counterparts.

  • Terri Irwin Story - Founder of Australia Zoo

    Terri Irwin is a naturalist, author and the founder/owner of the Australia Zoo at Beerwah, Australia. She co-starred with her husband Late Steve Irwin in television nature documentary series the Crocodile Hunter and their spin off series Croc Files and The Crocodile Hunter Dia...
  • Phil Knight Success Story

    What are the chances that if you look around your room right now, you will find a product branded with that famous “swoosh” symbol? The man responsible for founding what is arguably the world’s most famous sport brand, Nike is Phil Knight, America’s fin...

We have seen people who are famous in politics, science or business. But here we can see and know one lady who has set up Australian Zoo and has the net worth of 66 million dollars. She is a great lover of animals who has filmed many documentaries along with her husband Late Steve Irwin. She is now with the Animal Planet network. She was awarded Earnest and Young Northern area social capitalist of the year award during 2006.

Another famous person who is born here is Phil Knight. Even if people don't know him, the symbol he created for his shoes is world famous and there will not be even one person who has not used a Nike brand ever in their life. He is not only a business tycoon, but also a great Philanthropist.This land is also the land of a great comedy actor called Ty Burrell.He has won awards twice for his fine acting skills.