Famous People Born in Mississippi

Mississippi is one of the most remarkable states in the United States.Like other prominent places this city also plays a key role in art and architecture as well as entertainment sector for a few well known person who born here.

  • Oprah Winfrey Success Story

    Early Life Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954 to an unmarried teenage mother in Kosciusko, Mississippi. She spent her first six years with her maternal grandmother living in rural surroundings. She was often forced to wear dresses made of potato sacks becau...
  • Elvis Presley Success Story

    Childhood Elvis ‘Aaron’ Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and incidentally his father was four years younger than his mother. He was born on January 8, 1935 along with his identical twin brother. Unfortunately his brother was unable to survive as ...
  • Britney Spears Success Story

    Britney Spears has been under the spotlight her whole life. Born December 2, 1981 in Mississippi, her first public performance was singing “What Child is This” at only 4 years of age. With the international success of her studio albums ...Baby One More Time (1999) ...

Television host as well as producer Oprah Winfrey was born here who was named the most influential woman in the world by TIME magazine. She was crowned Miss Black Tennessee whilst in college after that she began co-anchoring the evening news at the elegant age of nineteen. She is the world's first female black billionaire as well as the richest self-made American woman.

The famous singing sensation also Known as the King of Rock n' Roll, Elvis Presley was born here as well. He became a famous personality who is still breathing in every body’s soul. He appeared in more than 30 movies, with his big screen entrance in the most adored movie Love Me Tender. This movie was named after one of his popular songs. He worked together with the guitarist Scotty Moore and even the bassist Bill Black in The Blue Moon Boys from the year 1954 to 1968. Apart from them many other famous personalities were born here such as famous singer Britney Spears, famous football player Malcolm Butler, the singer Randy Houser and many more.

This city has given many remarkable stars to the world. It is an amazing place to make anyone feel enchanted. There are numerous fabulous places here which attract a lot of people to visit this place.