Famous People Born in Minnesota

Minnesota is an awe-inspiring land of 1000 lakes and boasts of having a high majority of educated people residing in this state. This state is otherwise called as the sinkhole capital of the world because of the presence of many sink holes in it. Target, Best buy, and 3M are three of the retail companies which have gained popularity here. 3 M Co is the 15th in the list of most admired companies in the world and Target- 22nd and Best buy -36th. The rankings are given by Forbes magazine. They are described as industry champions by the same magazine.

This state has been rated number 1 in the quality of life led by the people here, 7th in the economic climate and 17th in the labor supply, according to the Forbes magazine. We have talked about the specialty of this place. Now let us get into discussing the famous people in Minnesota. Charles M Schulz is famous for his peanut comic series. Peanut is an American daily and Sunday comic strip created by Charles. M Schulz. From the age of 28 till the time he was alive, he drew almost 18000 comic strips.

Jessica Ventura is another talented person from the state of Minnesota who was the 38th governor of the state. He is a multi- talented person who has tasted success in everything he tried his luck. He is a successful actor, wrestler, and a writer as well. In this state is born another talented person called Jessica Lange. She has won 14 awards for her roles in various films.