Famous People Born in Iowa

Iowa is a state which is blessed with natural beauty in abundance is situated between Mississippi and Missouri river and also Illinois and Nebraska. This state was previously colonized by the French and Spanish people. It has a slowly growing economy and one of the good things about this state is that the unemployment rate is only 3.4 percent. One of the major problems faced by Iowa is the unavailability of labor which in turn is the result of the migration of talented people towards other parts of the country. They migrate in search of better wages which the other states have to offer to the workers.

There are many famous persons in Iowa who deserve attention for the display of their abilities in different walks of life. Norman Borlaug is the nation's long forgotten scientist born in Iowa.He has been credited for the survival of the poorest of the poorest people in the world through his efficient farming and several other techniques. The top notch Lolo Jones, who is a talented sportswoman is born in Iowa. Her childhood tells the story of woes or difficulties which she had to face when she was young. She is a good hurdler who has won many awards and accolades.

When we hear the name Ashton Kutcher, the face of a young and brilliant actor flashes through our mind. He is an actor who later on became an actor. He has received a lot of awards for his different roles in films like What happened in Vegas, No strings attached etc. There are other people who deserve a mention. They are Robert Lawrence Barr, Elijah Wood, and James Hanson.