Famous People Born in Connecticut

Connecticut - the land of the long tidal river is a place known for the rustic beauty of its small towns and rural areas that lie parallel to the coastal cities. Anybody would be surprised to know that the state famous for its tranquil rural areas strengthens its economy by the contribution from industries. The main source of wealth is from textiles, silverware and watches which they manufacture from a very olden time.

Agriculture forms a very meager portion of Connecticut's economy. We can also find that the service sector is very active here and contributes a lot to the economy of this state. Insurance is one of the successful industries here and we can see a lot of insurance companies which are satisfying various needs of the diverse customers.

This state is a relatively small state and 4th heavily populated of all the states in the US. It is often called as the constitution state because it played a major role in the formation of the federal government of the country.

Even though a village we can see here some of the most efficient people who have struggled their way up to reach to the zenith of success. They are Suzanne Collins, who is an author, the world-renowned politician George W Bush, Stephen Mayor and so on. George. W Bush is the 43rd president of the US. He started his career working as a Landman for an oil company and step by step he climbed the ladder of success to become the president of the US in the year 2000.