Why An Extraordinary Lifework Is Important

Why An Extraordinary Lifework Is Important

Why An Extraordinary Lifework Is Important

What have you endeavored to do to move your soul to greatness and fulfill a unique higher purpose? When have you challenged yourself to truly accomplish a lifework that is remarkably extraordinary?

Why must you achieve a dream that may appear beyond your reach if it means reinventing yourself? These questions become paramount in our quest for something more than just a job.

1. Life Calling

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When a regular job isn’t enough anymore and you want your work to generate more meaning and fulfillment, you are ready to answer your life calling and transition to an extraordinary lifework. You are ready to explore your life and deeds beyond the usual paradigms of who you’ve allowed yourself to be in the past and what you’ve permitted yourself to do to earn a paycheck.

Answering your calling is a lot like coming to a fork in the road of life, and then intentionally choosing to accomplish something uniquely meaningful with the rest of your time on earth. Implementing a lifework is not the easiest road to travel, and it is not the most frequently traveled, but it is ultimately the most fulfilling and rewarding.

2. Transitions

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The transition that is triggered by answering your life calling will mean only what you need it to mean. But it does imply that you will re-orient your focus to the lifework that gives you the greatest soul satisfaction, no matter how challenging or difficult the tasks involved might be.

Is it possible that a lifework can be accomplished via a regular job? In some circumstances, maybe it is. Since regular jobs usually carry expectations from others – your supervisors, your managers, your directors, etc. – the mandate of your job is typically restricted to the ulterior needs of your employer. But if you have the latitude and authority to align your professional role with your life calling, preferably beyond mere coincidence or serendipity, then the degree of alignment you can create will predicate how much it will be possible to channel the substance of your lifework through a regular job.

Another possibility is that the transition from a regular job to a meaningful lifework may be initiated by a substantive shift in perspective. Are you only selling real estate, or are you helping people find the right home to raise a family? Are you only counseling people to help them solve their problems, or are you helping them live better lives? Are you only teaching children basic math, or are you helping them learn how to learn? The choice of perspective is yours to make. You can perform a regular job at any endeavor, but you can achieve a lifework only in answer to a life calling.

3. Seed of your Lifework

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The seed of your lifework is found in your soul evolution, not in ego satisfaction. If you need to have an impressive title to feel important, you might be better served by staying in a job and building a career filled with promotions and raises. A life calling is not about status, optics and power; It’s about substance, meaning and impact. A life purpose is not about changing others; It’s about changing yourself. A lifework is not about what you can get; It’s about what you can give.

A lifework is intended for people who are not satisfied with working by someone else’s agenda, and who hear a calling that requires a unique contribution to the world that no one else can make – a response that stems from their soul and that seeks to redefine who they are and what they do. These are the people who dare to dream, dare to challenge, and dare to be different. If you know the reason why an extraordinary lifework is important, the how of it becomes much more identifiable and manageable. Every endeavor can be a means to an end. The point is to ascertain that a chosen endeavor is the most purposeful means to fulfill the right destiny.

Imagine clarifying your expectations of who you are really meant to be, and strengthening your beliefs in what you are really meant to do, and then unequivocally demonstrating your natural talents and gifts to the world. What would you choose to achieve if you knew with certainty that you will succeed?