Famous Companies Founded in 2004

The earning stability and quality working of the 2004 companies is what made them highly successful in the business industry. These firms have hence proved that stable earnings and growth of the organisation is measured how the ideas are given the practical shape. The 2004 born companies had made established more predictable pattern of running the business and turning it into something big. The business houses have earned top-line growth with their refreshing and over the top thinking that they have introduced in the world of business. Here are some names of iconic companies established in 2004 : 

  • Moz

    Moz was established in 2004 as an SEO consultation service provider, but over time, it launched its first Pro app. Safari Browser Story ...
  • Flickr

    Photo and video sharing today is one of the biggest hobbies, if you may amongst millions of individuals in today’s world. With the popularity of camera photos and videos at an all-time high, photo sharing apps that are available on the internet are raking in the money. F...
  • Facebook

    When it comes to 21st century online success stories, few compare to the incredible growth and worldwide change that Facebook has achieved. Founded in 2003 by an assortment of Harvard University students, the website has gone on to become one of the Internet’s...

The business companies born in 2004 have achieved great heights within a short span of time. They adopted highest quality earnings factors, which led to the rapid upliftment of the company's status. The reputed companies of 2004 focused on meeting the demands guaranteeing the satisfaction of their customers.

The 2004 born organizations support flexible work environments for their employees. Allowing the employees to work anywhere and anytime raised their efficiency to a great extent. These companies focused more on the quality of inputs rather than on the outputs and this resulted in production of better quality deliverables.

The reputed business houses established in 2004 considered a flexible working environment of their employees. The flexible working for the employees laid a huge impact in the success of these companies. The 2004 born companies adopted change at various levels of working and eventually they could create more predictable pattern to reach their target.