Edward Thomas Tom Hardy Videos

Here is a collection of beautiful videos of Tom Hardy. The first one is his speech at the 9th VES awards 2011. He was there to present the award to Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan got a global visionary award for his wonderful visual effects. The specialty of Nolan's visual effects is that it will help imagination to grow beyond expectations.

Tom Hardy Speech

Tom Hardy Interview The Revenant

Tom Hardy Speech in University of the Arts London

Interview With Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Interview

His fantastic magical creation will help future discoveries to happen. In this video, Tom also praises Nolan for his earlier creations like Batman Begins, dark Knight, Etc.

In the next video, he was present in a show along with the Oscar Award Recipient Leonardo DI Caprio. They both share their experiences about their acting in the film The Reverent. They share the opinion that the place where the film was shot was a very cold place.They had to battle with fierce weather conditions.He says that the story is a science fiction story.

The hardest part of it is that only a very few facts about this were written about Huge Glass and the mountain men who lived during the 19th century in the US. The rest of the story is the beautiful creation of the mind.

The other few videos relate to his speech at the university of Arts London, his interview on Chatty Man and his wonderful experiences about the character in the film The legend.