Paul Van Haver Photos

Stromae as a Toddler

Stromae Childhood picture

Stromae Boyhood Picture

Stromae as a Teenager

Stromae at the age of 18 With JEDI

Stromae performs during Les Victoires de La Musique 2011 Show at Palais

Stromae with his mother Miranda Marie Van Haver

Stromae (Middle) with his Sister and brother

Stromae and his Ex Girlfriend Tatiana Silva

Stromae Mother Miranda Marie and his Family Members

Stromae Mother Miranda Marie Van Haver

Stromae's mother attended The Ben's album launch

Stromae's dad Pierre Rutare

Stromae with his grand mother

Stromae and his brother

Stromae and his mother

Rwandas Families with Stroame and Stromae's mother

Stromae with his sister