Martin Luther King Jr. Photos

Childhood Picture of Martin Luther King

Martin in his high school days

Martin Luther King Jr and David J Shestokas 1956 at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

President Lyndon Johnson with King in 1966

King during Washington March

MLK Jr. playing a pool game

Malcom X and Martin Luther King

Dr. Emil Naclerio sits by King at Hospital

King with Richard Nixon and Frank

Billy Graham with King

King during march from Selma to Montgomery

Bayard Rustin with Martin Luther King Jr.

David Abernathy with King

Abernathy and King

Dr. Martin Luther King and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

King with Harry Belafonte

MLK during strategy sessions

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Robert S. Hayling

Robert Kennedy with Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King during march in washington for jobs and freedom

Martin Luther King after his arrest

Martin Luther King Jr. Death Casket

A Lot of His Fans Followed His Death Casket for Funeral

Martin Luther King, Jr. House

King's Childhood House

Alabama House of King

Martin Luther King's Parsonage House

Living Room in MLK parsonage House in Alabama



King in his Library

Dining Room

Kitchen in Martin Luther King's House

Bed Room

Martin Luther King on his birthday

King with his family

King and his wife with their daughter

King with his daughter yolanda

Martin Luther king eating with his family

A Great Father and A Great Leader

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King

MLK Jr and his wife with his mother Alberta Williams King

King's Sister Christine King Farris

Alfred Daniel Williams King, Brother of Martin Luther King Holding King's daughters

Martin Luther King with his Wiife, two sons and two daughters

Martin Luther King Jr's Son Martin Luther King III

MLK's another son Dexter Scott King

MLK Sons Dexter and MLK III and daughters Yolanda and Bernice King

MLK with his wife Coretta Scott King

MLK's Father Martin Luther King Sr.

Family Members of King at His Death Casket

Martin Luther King, Jr. Car

Martin Luther King with his kids in his car

1966 Lincoln Continental convertible

King in his Lincoln Continental Car