Sunil Mittal Car Collection

Sunil Bharti Mittal is known to be a big fan of motorsports, and has been seen attending a Formula One race in India. Due to his fabulous wealth, he is able to own any kind of car he wishes for. Accordingly, Sunil is known to own several cars, but the one that stands out is the top of the range Mercedes-Benz S-500.

Mercedes S-500

Mercedes S-500

This car is truly exceptional, the pinnacle of luxury, safety, and comfort on the road. With reclining rear seats, passengers can relax even on long journeys. Its entertainment package includes sizeable displays and wireless headphones for passengers in the rear seats. With active parking assist, the S-500 can steer itself automatically into a parking slot.

Navigation, telephone, audio, video, and Internet are all integrated to provide a seamless and relaxing experience for both the driver and the passengers. A panoramic sunroof and a superior air conditioning system complete the comfort package.

In addition, a superior system of airbags, active seatbelts, as well as night view driver assists enhances safety. With a powerful V8 engine and top speed of 250km/hour, the S-500 also caters for those who love the thrill of fast and powerful driving. For such a powerful car, the fuel consumption rate of 8 liters per 100km is exceptional.

It is therefore no surprise that with all these amazing features, the Mercedes S-500 appeals to the extremely wealthy individuals such as Sunil Bharti Mittal. It is truly a status symbol to own one.