Famous Cartoonists

A Cartoonist is an artist who draws cartoons & caricatures. Cartoonists mainly convey their social, political, technological messages through their drawings with a dash of comic into it. It is a form of visual art and appears in many formats, such as animation, booklets, comic strips, comic books, editorial cartoons, graphic novels, manuals, gag cartoons, graphic design, illustrations, storyboards, posters, shirts, books, advertisements, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers, and video game packaging. Here are some famous cartoonist who have contributed their bit in the world of creative arts :

Cartoonists are creative people, who uses satire through their art work to put across the message to the masses. There could be freelance cartoonist or full-timers associated with certain publication groups for their daily bytes or columns. Professional cartoonist are immensely popular among normal people – it is their form of art which attracts fan followers.

Being creative and upto date with all current affairs is something which a cartoonist should be well equipped with, in order to come up with daily dose of messages to his readers. There are cartoonist who creates an entire comic strip with various stories enthralling it & the readers eagerly wait for the strips to get published. Cartooning is now a well-paid profession & many people are taking it up to earn a livelihood.