James Faulkner Success Story

James Faulkner Success Story

James Peter Faulkner

James Peter Faulkner sends a shiver down the spines of the opposition on the field. The day he gets going, the opposition can only expect magic or some kind of disruption in the match to work against them.


At the age of 24, he is considered to the torch bearer of the Australian cricket team. Faulkner’s all-round performance on the field with bat and ball has been commendable. His potential to hit the ball out of boundary is one reason why franchise owners in Indian Premier League are always trying to grab him in the auctions held till date.

Faulkner has played for almost three different teams in Indian Premier League and is likely to fleet a lot more in the coming future. His performance in the T20 presents him as the player with a promising career in shorter formats of cricket.


Faulkner made his debut on 1st February, 2013 against the team of West Indies. This one player has risen from the ashes; he has played at all the levels of county cricket and has also been an integral part of U19 World Cup Australian team. His performance has helped him climb the ladder and play with the players like Michael Clarke and Glenn Maxwell.

Faulkner is making the best use of the time and tide to learn the nuances of the cricket under the guidance of senior players in the team. The addition of an IPL career has helped him in mastering the art of hard hitting and he is now seen as someone with the potential to hit the ball out of the ground.

21st August, 2013 was the lucky day when he made his debut in the test team of Australia. It was his rollicking performance in the ODIs that forced the Australian board to introduce him into the Test side, after playing one day cricket for barely six months.

The world sees Faulkner as the future of Australian cricket, and he for sure is going to break a lot of jinx to set a lot of new records. People’s expectations are rather of him in the World Cup of 2015. Faulkner is excited about the same, he is going to hit some balls really hard and prove his mettle.

Worth more than 4 million US dollars in Indian premier League, James Faulkner is set to stay around and perform in the coming times. The world looks up to him, along with Australia.


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James Faulkner Winnings

Full Name :
James Peter Faulkner
Born :
29th-Apr -1990
Birth Place :
Education :
The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama Eton Avenue London
Occupation :
Industry :
Networth :
$5 Million

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