Famous People Born On February 24

As per the astrology, people who born on February 24 come under the sign of Pisces and are symbolized by the Fish. They have a very strong intuition about people they encounter. February 24th born people enjoy an interesting social life and are much comfortable in large group of people. Some of the famous people born on 24th February are: Steve Jobs(Entrepreneur), Floyd Mayweather Jr.(Boxer),Phil Knight(Entrepreneur),Ben Miller(Comedian),Erna Solberg(World leader),Tyanna Jones(Pop Singer),Adam Slack (Guitarist),Honus Wagner(Baseball player),Walter O’Brien(Entrepreneur).

They are believed to have selfless, sympathetic nature and are full of creativity, diplomacy and youthful outlook. They are very charming and amiable kind of people. They have the ability to make friends of all classes and culture. But the interesting point is that though they make friends easily, they have a tendency to be loners in life at times.

People born on 24th February possess a charitable nature .They have an overflow of creativity ability and know what they want out of life. Though sometimes they cannot make up their mind but once they set up their mind they try to achieve it .Usually they seem generous in helping others in distress and will aid charities. They have the natural ability to bring harmony into the lives of others. They are instinctively wanted to be helpful and that is why people love them. People born on this date are very idealistic when it comes to their relationships.

On the negative side, 24th February born people faces some health problems due to the absence of approach to maintain a good health habits. They have the very lazy attitude in caring about themselves. They are not interested in seeking conventional treatment for illness rather than they try to find a magical cure. They have the tendency to suffer health problems relating to nervous system, stomach, liver and gall bladder ailments.