Famous People Born On September 23

People born on 23rd September, as per zodiac sign is a Libra and by nature are born clever, imaginative and romantic. These individuals enjoy harmony to help maintain a social balance. These people are witty in nature, gets along with others in a friendly manner very easily and are open minded. Additionally, they are energetic and endowed with an inquisitive mind. However, on the negative front, these very individuals have a tendency to give into depression and addictive in annoying circumstances and situations.

  • Bruce Springsteen Success Story

    Childhood Rock stars are not born. They are made! Bruce Springsteen is one of the most famous singer and songwriter of America. Born on Sept 23rd, 1949 in New Jersey, United States, he has been a working class hero of United States for four decades. His belief in r...

Some of the famous people born on 23rd September, having the basic traits of Libra, which is influenced by the planets Venus and Mercury are - Bruce Springsteen, Alexandre Soares dos Santos, John Harbaugh, Ray Charles, Mickey Rooney. These people are endowed with the Libran thoughtfulness and tactfulness. They have high level of confidence and an ability to bounce back from the various difficulties in life. Highly energetic and inquisitive, individuals with this very birthday have cheerful temperament. They are intellectually proficient and highly creative in their endeavours. Towards others, 23rd September individuals are utmost caring, affectionate, respectful and helpful.

For individuals born on this particular date, a harmonious working environment is a must for them to excel. Friction and rivalry among co-workers & colleagues should not exist. When it comes to money & finances, these individuals are very careful and considerate. The ideal occupation choices for September 23rd individuals are those related to the field of communication, advertising or public relation. Given their energetic disposition and curious nature, these people do well in their favoured industry.