Famous People Born On April 22

April 22nd born people are taurans and being a Taurus the personality of these people is shown in their nature. They are very loving and are also determined people. Taurans have relationships where they maintain total faithfulness and are very loyal to the other person. They have a very distinct view and look at things in a very different angle and they are so determined that they often indulge in their work forgetting the essentialities of life. Issey Miyake, Nicholson, kaka, Chetan bhagat, Janet Evanovich are few people who have been successful in their respective fields.

It reflects how these people have natural abilities, which influences their career. They can also be great teachers and have a good counseling career too. These are people who shine in every field. Ruled by venus which is the planetary ruler of Taurus and their elemental pair is Earth.

Instead of living in the realm of dreams, these people believe in being practical and their personality also reflects how realistic they can be in life. They are very social being and have a sight that appreciates beauty to the core. They provide the warmth to their partner in the love life and ensure that they endow completeness in the relationship.