Famous People Born On November 21

People born on this date are blessed with sharp imagination skills and have great communication skills. The only think that these people need to take care is their pessimist behavior, and that is triggered by fatigue. It arises from bruised ego or the opinions not taken into count. These people love sports and are more into physical activities. Victor Chang, Bjork, Ada Cambridge, Abe Lemons and Victoria Princess Royal are born on this date.

  • Chaka Fattah Success Story

    Chaka Fattah is a representative of the second Congressional District of Pennsylvania since 1995, and a Democratic member in the US House of Representatives. Previously, he was the Pennsylvania Senator, and a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. ...

Despite their closeness to luxury, the financial condition of the people born on this date is stable. What is more admirable about these people is that they can even live on a shoe string budget. It is because these people are good at stretching any amount of money a long way.

They have a sagacity towards adventure, with a strong sense of self-confidence. These people have a balanced approach to health. Since these people put a lot of thought into balanced mind, heart, and soul, they tend to put a lot of thought behind it. They do not lay too much importance on earning big, but they feel spending wisely, and it proves as the key to their success.Hence, they do not land in any form of financial difficulty.

More than the fat pay packets, it is the job satisfaction that draws these people to the jobs of their choice. If these people are not enjoying their work profile, then the chances are that these people will not stick to their job for a long period of time.