Famous People Born On February 21

People born on Feb 21st belong to Pisces and are well known for their selfless and imaginative nature. Throughout their life, they will have the strong urge to understand the thoughts and the emotions of others. When your near or dear one is in need, there is little that you would not sacrifice for them. They have a creative mind to find the best out of situations and people. Some famous people born on this date are Alan Rickman, Anais Nin, Barbara Jordan, and John Rawls.

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Your strong relationship with water ensures that you are a fluid communicator and is adaptable to water. It is your strong connection with water that puts you ina strong emotional circle. When you experience the positive traits of water, your compassion will grow. But you must avoid the overdependence on emotions as this will have aconsiderable impact on your moodiness.

Like the normal Pisces, the individuals born on this date are not good at saving money. Though they will not fall shorting of earning money, but they will have trouble keeping money in their pockets. It can lead to many other impacts on their success in life. They will not need to borrow money from others.

On your career front, finding the right one is a challenge, but your natural ability is wide suited for a host of careers. The gifts of understanding along with communication makes you a worthy candidate for business, commerce or public relations. On the other hand, your compassionate nature may lead to your success in teaching or social reform.