Famous People Born On April 21

People born on 21st April come under zodiac sign Taurus. The astrological ruling planet for this particular date is Mars and Venus. Mars provide the energy, instinct and anger while Venus is responsible for love, affection and romance. People born on this day are stable in nature and have firm determination. When they choose a goal, they strive hard to attain it. Some popular people who born on this date are, Queen Elizabeth-queen of United Kingdom, Mikhail Fridman, and Stanley Biwott.

  • Mikhail Fridman Success Story

    Synopsis Being one of the richest men in one of the most difficult business environments is not an easy achievement. Mikhail Fridman is one of those men who has braved the odds to stand out as one of the richest men in all of Russia.Fridman started as a theatre tic...

Born on this date, people have a stubborn nature and show unmoving qualities from their statements. They love to help people in achieving their goal and possess serious, responsible nature in their personalities.

They have inherent characteristics of Taurus like determination, hard-work and energetic. Hence, they achieved great success in their career. It might not be that easy for them to find abrilliant career, but your versatile nature ensures that whatever field you choose, you tend to be successful. In all aspects of life, they are loyal and faithful. The simple fact is that you want love and to be loved

In work and career field people born on this date don’t require a lot of struggle as people from their early age try to strive hard in finding jobs and in shaping their career. In any kind of profession, they reveal their responsible nature, diligence and laboriousness. In financial matters, as they are hard-working, the problem with money is not there, but they are impulsive in expenses so don’t care in buying.