Famous People Born on November 20

The personality traits of the people born on 20th November are dependent on two celestial bodies, the Moon and Pluto. These people are prone to behave rationally or aggressively once in a while. They are cool, controlled with a sense of shrewdness. Though they are kind and considerate, they might also show recklessness due to their frequent mood swings. Olive Dennis, Goodluck Jonathan, Milkha Singh, Joe Biden and Norman Thomas are famous personalities born on this date.

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They have a strong adventure spirit. More than the physical health, it is the mental health that needs to be taken care of the people born on this date. These people are emotionally vulnerable and are prone to sickness and illness.

Since these people are physicallyactive, they are more into sports and apart from that have an active lifestyle. The only think that people need to take care off is the nutrition aspect. Their proximity to chocolates means visiting the dentist more than once in a while. They are more expert when it comes to thematter of finance and rarely face any financial problem in life. They spend reasonably and focus on savings in life. They take risks only when they feel that it is a profitable venture in life. They understand Impulsive buying is not the way forward and understand the true value of money.

These people tend to take up career options that are energetic. They give dual importance to monetary matters and work satisfaction. They have it in them to do well in any kind of occupation they choose.