Famous People Born On October 12

People born on 12th October belong to the zodiac sign Libra and they possess amazing qualities. They are in posts of trust and responsibility. They are decidedly ambitious and aim to rise to higher positions. They extremely excel in their work and have the burning desire to rise high. They maintain a balance in their social and personal life. The faults are that they turn to be too commanding at times that they sometimes end up making many enemies. Some of the celebrated personalities born on 12 october are Hugh Jackman, Doug McMillion and Kirk Thomas Cameron.

  • Hugh Jackman Success Story

    Childhood Hugh ‘Michael’ Jackman was born on October 12, 1968 at Sydney, New South Wales. He went to Pymble Public School where he did his primary education. Next he went to the Knox Grammar School where he participated in the play &lsq...

They have the basic characteristic features of their zodiac sign. Those born on this date have love for good food. They are fun loving people, but if you ask them to exercise on a regular basis then they would rather stay at home. They are generally artist and believe in their abilities. They are found in the elite sections ans maintain a very pleasant atmosphere.

These people dislike being under the obligation of others, they take care of their Endeavour in a proper manner so that they can provide the best to their customers. You can find them in every field holding some of the top most positions.