Famous People Born On March 12

People born on March 12th fall under the sun sign of Pisces. They tend to get along with people though they are not aware of the fact that others are taking advantage of them. They pick up traits in writing, dancing and music. They are emotional people and connect with the people around them. Dave Eggers, Barbara Feldon, Dave Eggers , James Taylor and George Berkley are the people who are born on this date.

  • Stromae Success Story

    Profile Belgian singer, rapper and a lyricist, Stromae hit the limelight with his song Alors on Danse in 2009! The song topped the charts in several European co...
  • Jake Tapper Success Story

    Profile Jake Tapper is an American journalist and author. Currently he is the Chief Washington Correspondent and anchor of CNN weekday television news show The Lead with Jake Tapper. He has worked with ABC News prior to joining CNN. ...

They become easily distressed when one some form of disconnect is noticed in their personal or professional life. Those born on this date will enjoy the benefits of swimming or yoga. People born on this date love fine art and love music. They live to prosper with others, so accumulating wealth will be difficult as they like to follow on what is beautiful and inspiring to them.

Like the Pisces these people are kind, generous and cheerful. They are social people and like to make friendship with people. They love being in love and they long for aspiritual union which leads to a long lasting love union. They are most adventurous and are open to new experiences in life.

So far as career is concerned, it would be a great move for people to pursue something in music or art. It helps them a lot in parenting and when it comes to romantic relations. Due to the water sign, they are warm and affectionate. Since these individuals are prone to jealousy, they need constant reassurance from their better halves. Their children also tend to be more lenient.