Famous People Born On February 12

People born on 12th February come under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The ruling planet for them is Uranus. They are known as water bearers. Since water is connected with them to support in their life, they are often attracted to humanitarian causes. They are idealistic and eccentric due to their lofty ideas. People born on this date are exceptional from others. Some of the famous people born on 12th February are: Abraham Lincoln, Josh James, Judy Blume and so on

They think outside the box and walk the unbeaten path. They are not able to make friends but those who are friend with them remain close to them. As they are an air sign people they are intellectual and spiritual.

People born on 12th February have quite strength. They have spiritual power which can heal psychic wounds. It is also found that they are shy and quiet but at the same time they are energetic. These people are highly intellectual people as well as deep thinker. They like to help others in their problems. Having the ability to see both sides of a problem, it helps them to easily solve their problems in their life. They have a very positive attitude towards like.

They always look at the world as a place of full possibilities. As they are very intellectual, they use their mind at every opportunity. These people are capable of perceived their future very well and they exactly know what they have to do. They have the visionary quality which many people does not have. People born on this date are progressives and humanists. These people can easily adapt the energy that surrounds them in their life.

One of the most famous people born on 12th February is Abraham Lincoln. He was born on this particular date in 1809.He was the 16th president of the United States. He was the one who preserved the Union, abolished slavery and strengthen the federal government.