Famous People Born On April 2

Individuals born on 2nd April is ruled by the planet Mars & possess the sun sign of Aries, they have a charismatic strong personality which leads into making a good fortune for themselves. These individuals are socialise a lot & holds their career close to them. They are sarcastic in nature & can come up with quick conclusions to anything. They are also very health conscious & give due importance to diet and exercise. Being naturally rebellious, these bunch of Aries tend to attract most dramatic relationships.

  • Michael Clarke Success Story

    Synopsis Michael Clarke a name that the entire of Australia cheers for. He had proved his mettle when playing against the world class teams like India and South Africa in the recent past. People and the cricket authorities back in the country are more than happy wi...

Michael Clarke, Giovanni Ferrero, Michael Fassbender, Ajay Devgan, Max Ernst - are some of the eminent personalities born on 2nd April. They follow the traits of a typical Aries and tend to venture out into the world and leave impressions on others. These individuals are are exciting, talkative and vibrant. They are enthusiastic bunch of people & enjoy the thrill & excitement of achieving their goals and objectives. These individuals generally excel in the field of art & culture, they don’t want to be supervised & gives the best in workplace without a boss around.

Some of the common weaknesses observed among those born on 2nd April are short tempered, impulsive, impatient & self-involved. They are very good friends, and protective about friendships. At times they behave in a very childish manner throwing tantrums all over.