Famous People Born On June 1

Highly energetic, clever, imaginative, adaptable & witty - these are some of the key characteristics of a 1st June born individual. They come under the zodiac sign of Gemini. These individuals are easy going & full of new ideas. Spirituality is something they are fond of, but doesn’t reveal about the same. They are healthy & fitness freak. Geminis are the individuals who don’t run after money, but is driven by passion. Marilyn Monroe, Markus Persson, Morgan Freeman, Karen Mulder, Heidi Klum, Norman Foster – are some of the famous personalities born on 1st June & share more or less the traits of a Gemini.

June 1st guys hate to be controlled by others & remain free spirited, they seek partners who can understand them & at the same time allow them with full independence. They are curious & have thirst for knowledge, innovative thinkers with an unconventional outlook.

Gemini however has some of the negative traits like superficial, impulsive, indecisive, devious & restless. They make exciting & interesting friends, these individuals make a mark among the people they meet. 1st June guys are not the one, with whom one can share his/her problems, as they tend to get depressed & don’t get bothered. At professional level, Geminis are great managers – they can control & motivate their team with their enthusiasm and vitality. They are good in persuasion & has justification of their own moves. They tend to react instantly to situation & becomes nervous very easily.