Famous People Born in Missouri

Missouri is a midwestern state in America near the Missouri river. Industrial sector plays a major role in contributing to the economy. Other important participants, which strengthen the economy of this state are food products, chemicals and transportation equipment Etc. It is the second largest producer of agricultural products next to Texas.

There are many famous people born in this place who have an awesome story of success to share with us. These people are Eminem, Maya Angelou, Jon Hamm, Richard Kinder, Etc. Marshall Bruce Mathers III, who is known by his other name Eminem is a rapper, songwriter and an actor who started his career during 1990. He became famous with his first album HP and he got the Grammy award for this debut album.

Words are not enough to praise this woman of high talent and virtuosity. Maya Angelou had a disturbed childhood, which took away her ability to speak. After her first marriage, she made albums of her dances. She inspired the feeling of feminism in women and asked them to be courageous. From the year 1991- 2012 she got a lot of awards.

The famous venture capitalist John Doer is also born in this state. He is an engineer who has worked in various fields like Engineering, Marketing, and management. He was instrumental in directing venture capital funding to many young and successful companies. He is the person who has created jobs for more than 20000 people. He has invented a number of memory chips for which the government has given patents to him.