Famous People Born in France

France is a superb place with its tranquil villages and somewhat sophisticated cities. They add beauty to this second largest country in Europe. The meaning of the word France is Frank which suggests that people in this country are frank in their attitude towards their fellow men. France is known for fashion houses, art and architecture. But the people in villages wear modest clothes and lead an unsophisticated life.

  • Gerard Wertheimer Success Story

    Gerard Wertheimer is a French entrepreneur best known to be the co-owner of House of Chanel, the leading luxury brand across the globe. His grandfather, Pierre Wertheimer, had co-founded the company in 1909, which he, along with his brother Alain Wertheimer, inherited from his...
  • Bernard Arnault Success Story

    Beginning We need not emphasize on how the French have been the face of the luxury fashion brands from since the 19th century. Among those Frenchmen who were responsible for the fashion revolution, Bernard Arnault stands out for the reasons obvious...

This fourth highly populated country of Europe has a majority of french speaking people even though a small minority of its inhabitants speak German and Arabic languages according to the BBC report. The Naturescape or the land design of this country makes one feel like heaven. It is rich in natural beauty because of mountains, vineyards and woodlands which are spread wide across the country. It has 20 sites which have found a place in the Ramsar list of Wetlands which are of national importance.

This country takes pride not only in the natural beauty which God has bestowed upon it, but also many attention capturing people who are either famous entrepreneurs or businessmen. Some of the famous people in France are Bernard Arnault, GeraldWertheimer and Jean- Claude. Bernard Arnault is the 13th richest in the world according to Forbes Magazine and has a wealth of about 38 million dollars. He is a great lover of art and collects artworks of Picasso, Henry Moore and a couple of other famous artists.

Gerald Wertheimer is another French- based billionaire who is the Co-owner of the perfume company House of Channel. His net worth is estimated to be 9.7 billion by the Forbes Magazine. Let us now know in detail some of the famous persons in France.