5 Most Expensive Playstation 5 Essentials

5 Most Expensive Playstation 5 Essentials

5 Most Expensive Playstation 5 Essentials

After debuting in 2013, the Sony Playstation 4 is ending its highly successful run in the gaming console market. With nearly 113 million units sold worldwide since its release, the PS4 has become Sony’s best-selling console ever. The Japanese multimedia giant is looking for repeat its success with the highly-anticipated Playstation 5. Similar to previous consoles, gamers can purchase additional hardware to make the gaming experience much more fun than it already is.

1. HD Camera – $59.99

The 1080-p HD Camera is the perfect PS5 accessory for gamers who want to share their best (and worst) moments to the world. With live game streaming becoming more popular in recent years as well as the hundreds of PS5 games expecting to be launched in the near future, the HD Camera is a must-have for every streamer.    

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Since it’s exclusively made for the PS5, creating, editing, and streaming videos within the Playstation 5 interface is made easier. The HD Camera also comes with a built-in background removal tool that doesn’t only the crop the players’ existing background but placed them in front of the in-game action on their clips. 

2. Destruction AllStars – $69.99

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"Destruction AllStars" is one of the few games that will be released on the Playstation 5 launch day this November. Developed by Lucid Games, "Destruction AllStars" is a vehicular combat game ala "Twisted Metal" that doesn’t only allow players to wreck as many cars as possible, but also beat up the cars’ drivers as well. Based on the announcement trailer, it looks like players can also make their in-game characters hang off car windshields as well as sprint into different areas of the combat arena.       

3. DualSense Wireless Controller – $69.99

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Similar to previous Playstation consoles, the Playstation 5 will be sold with only one controller. Those looking to have the occasional game night with family and friends, purchasing a separate DualSense Wireless Controller is a no-brainer. The wireless controller comes with an all-new design for the PS5, also featuring “haptic feedback” and “adaptive triggers” that aim to gives players immersive gaming experience. 

4. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition – $69.99

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The follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Marvel’s Spider-Man" is making its way to the Playstation 5, and it looks to be the priciest game to be released on the console so far. On top of the Miles Morales game, the ultimate edition comes with the remastered PS4 Spider-Man classic as well as new two new Spidey suits and extra skill points.       

5. Pulse 3D Wireless Headset – $99.99

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Among every accessory and game that has been announced together with the PS5, the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is set to be the most expensive. But with a 12-hour playtime, as well as a 3.5mm connection support and USB-C charging capabilities, the price looks to be justified for any hardcore gamer. The 3D Wireless Headset is also advertised to provide fully immersive soundscapes with the help of the PS5’s Tempest 3D audio engine, looking to be the perfect hardware for the PS5’s flagship open-world game "Spider-Man: Miles Morales".

As the hype for the Playstation 5 increases by the day, so does the games and the accessories that come with it. Purchasing the $499 PS5 isn’t enough for a lot of gamers, and with some advanced technology and futuristic games being introduced together with the console’s release, spending an extra hundred dollars might not even be a very hard decision.