Rohit Gurunath Sharma Videos

You may be very familiar with the Rohit Gurunath Sharma. Rohit Sharma is the well know Indian cricketer. He has a great contribution in his team. He is a right handed batsman and opener of team India. Many people are there who are eager to know about his life and his struggle. We have the collection of the Rohit Sharma’s video that audience will love to watch.

Rohit Sharma Interview With CNBC TV

Rohit Sharma Interview

Highlights of Rohit Sharma in 2014

People can enjoy his past innings played on different event without any difficulty. With the help of the videos you can know more about this shining star without any interruption. The video of Rohit Sharma is worth because it is the collection of various memorable moments that is spent during his tournaments. You can also enjoy the interview and the highlights of the match without any problem. Once Rohit Sharma told in the interview the “he love to take the responsibility as a captain as well as an opener for the team.