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Narendra Modi the PM of India is countrys leader who has strong emotions for the country. Soon before promising from the presidential palace with a letter appointing him India's next Prime Minister, Narendra Modi  eyes were filled with tears in his very first speech in the House of Parliament. As he stepped into the Parliament building for the first time, Mr Narendra Modi, 63, bent down and with his forehead he touched the ground.

Narendra Modi First Speech in Parliament

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Mr Modi said in his speech that “Had Atal Bihari Vajpayee been in good health, his attendance would have completed this moment,"

"It is evidence of the power of our Constitution that a man from a poor family is standing here today."

In his first speech in Parliament as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi reacts to President Pranab Mukherjee's saying outlining his government's programme.

According to the media report in his interview with ZEE NEWS he had told BJP MPs to be discuss the JNU issue in Parliament insistent.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech included - Let us make the world our market and send our goods to the world! “In industrial development, we are behind because we did not stress on technology upgradation.”