Christy Ruth Walton Videos

We know only a little about Christy Ruth Walton. She is better known for her rare publicity. But here we present before the audience a collection of her videos which are worth watching.

Christy Walton interview

Christy Walton

Richest Woman in the World by Ryan Serhant

World Top 10 Richest Women in 2014

She in one of her interviews speaks her mind out about why she likes the film Bless me Ultima. She tells us that from time immemorial we are asked to believe in God and not to question his mighty power. Does God really exist is a banned question for the children whose parents believed in him. Here the two characters Antonio and Ultima question the existence of God. She thought of bringing the experiences of these two children to a wider audience.She further talks about how she met Sarah DI Leo (Producer)in Sundance and the efforts put in by her to convince the author of the Book Bless me Ultima.

She also tells us that she got this wonderful book, which was later filmed by her was given as a gift by one of her friends. She also tells us about the various hindrances faced by her before it was made into a beautiful film.