Anne E. Wojcicki Videos

Anne, in these videos talks about her struggles in being able to sell the health and medical information detected from personal genomes of people to them without FDA approval. FDA clamped down her activities and then re-allowed her to sell the personal information to the consumers only after limiting down some things. This collection is to bring a introduction to Anne Wojcicki and her works.

Anne About Future of 23andMe

Anne Wojcicki Speech at TEDMED

Anne Wojcicki on Philanthrophy

Anne Wojcicki talks About Genetic Testing

Anne Wojcicki about Meeting My Husband Sergey Brin

Anne Wojcicki Interviewed at Web 2.0 Summit

Interview with Anne Wojcicki

In the TEDMED talk, Anne speaks about how her co-founder Linda Avey and she bonded over the frustration that the healthcare consumer was under-informed and un-informed about the kind of questions they can and should ask.

Anne also talks about how a continuous interaction with Sergey Brin in their home brought them closer and it was inevitable for them to get married.

In her CBS interview, Anne talks about how genetic testing is affecting millions of lives in the world by letting them know of the inherent issues they might have and how life threatening diseases can be salvaged on time.