Famous Realtors

Realtors are the ones who deals with Real Estate, property, apartments etc. they are involved in buy, sell & rent of such properties. Realtors can either be a Real estate broker or a builder. While the broker fixes a deal between a buyer & a seller with his share of commission, Builder is the one who is involved in construction of new projects. Following are some of the renowned Realtors in the world :

Realtors are almost everywhere at every nuke and corner of the city. While they make their client’s life simple by shortlisting the properties as per his client’s requirement, there are also some crooked realtors who have made headlines for wrong reasons. Being unethical & cheating their clients is something very common in this sector.

Realtors make a handsome amount of money when a deal is cracked, but obviously a lot of hard work is put into it. Keeping a strong network among brokers’ community & fetching the suitable property for their clients is not a child’s play. Estate agents also help in paper works & thus minimizes the running around of his clientele.

There has been enormous examples where an individual started as a Real Estate agent & then went on to build his own Real estate Empire, by creating landmark projects across the city. Realtors should have skills to manage the brokers’ community, apart from this they should also possess a good negotiation skill, as deals might get cancelled at the last moment due to improper negotiation between the buyers & sellers.