Engineers are considered to be the backbone of a nation, they help in building the nation with their technical know-hows. In general engineers use basic maths and science to create solutions. It sounds easy but it’s the engineer’s mind that makes it so unique. The engineering field is so diverse and vast that it is difficult to explain what an engineer does.Here are some of the top Engineers across the globe who have contributed their bit :

  • Gene Cernan Story

    Profile Eugene Andrew ‘Gene’ Cernan was an American astronaut,...
  • John Glenn Story

    Profile John Glenn was the first NASA astronaut as well as the oldest man to travel space. He was the first American in the U.S. space program to orbit the Earth in 1962. He was highly skilled and dedicated person who ruled every field he ventured into. ...

Engineers in basic are great at solving problems, they apply higher level of mathematical and scientific calculations, with their analytical and creative skills, they practically come up with solutions for problems and what measures to take in order to make performance better. Engineers have a simple logic, if it’s broke it’s not compulsory that the thing cannot be fixed. Engineers won’t settle down till they repair the thing or make it perform even better than the first time. They try to develop solutions with less expenses but great in terms of quality.

Engineers are good at understanding the bigger picture when it comes to projects. It involves understanding the constraints, managing budgets, prioritizing tasks, and completion of the project within the estimated time period. An engineer is responsible for quality designs of high standards and also planned with safety precautions.

There are many different types of engineering, some of the basic types of engineering are Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and many more.