Famous People Born On January 29

With the sun sign Aquarius, people born on January 29 have a profound commitment to their work. Very pleasant and charming in nature, they have best intentions at heart. Dedicated in performing the mission, they are gentle and philosophical too. Their in line reputation makes them to be more popular and be profound in nature. The dedication they maintain with the relationship reaches no bounds.

  • Oprah Winfrey Success Story

    Early Life Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954 to an unmarried teenage mother in Kosciusko, Mississippi. She spent her first six years with her maternal grandmother living in rural surroundings. She was often forced to wear dresses made of potato sacks becau...
  • Romario Success Story

    Early Life Romario was born on January 29, 1966 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He came from a poor background but with his amazing ball control skills he was selected to play for the Vasco da Gama junior team. He immediately went on to become the star striker of his te...

Some of the famous people born on 29th of January are Oprah Winfrey, William McKinley, Anton Chekov, Thomas Paine, Paul Ryan, Sarah Gilbert and Ed Burns. Individuals on this day are mostly concerned about the welfare of others and enjoy the independence too.Well dressed and charming enough to look, they take care of their physical wellness in particular.

The individuals born on January 29 are constantly trying to build positive careers in the life by balancing their emotional wellness with the surroundings. Be it love or finance, they are very much sportive enough in accepting the defeat without getting tensed on minute matters. In terms of private issues, they tend to maintain the loyalty within by avoiding the material profits. They are so much inspiring to other people as they have a positive outlook and approach to life.

They stand as an inspiration to all the people and that is one main reason why they will beemerging as entrepreneurs. When they are living as physically fit and inspiring entrepreneurs, their work will be noted by all. They stand as a leader. So, any profession that holds leadership skills will be perfect.