Famous People Born On March 20

March 20th born individuals are a cusp of zodiac signs – Pisces & Aries, and hence exhibit characteristics of these sun signs. While their characteristics are marked with adjectives like Independent, compassionate, generous, adaptable, imaginative, compassionate; they also have some negative traits like short tempered, indecisive, impatient & lazy. They are emotional in nature, there is a mystical quality to their being. They will go out of their way to help a friend. They are extremely sensitive and loyal.

  • James Irving SuccessStory

    A business honcho, James K. Irving is one of the well-known names of the most successful businessmen in Canada. The owner of J.D. Irving, a business that operates a number of companies in retail, frozen foods, transportation, ship building etc., James owns more than 260,000 ac...
  • Do Won Chang Success Story

    All you need to do to make it big is to dream big and work on them. Do Won Chang, owner of celebrated clothing brand Forever 21 is a living proof. From a single store in Los Angeles to 457 sto...

Do Won Chang, James K Irving, Ruby Rose, Lois Lowry, Rielle Hunter are some of the famous individuals born on 20th March. Most of the 20th March individuals are somehow involved with occult or spiritualism. They are very good at understanding people for they have the ability to excavate into the psyche and see behind a person's motivations & emotions. They are prone to drug addiction and indulging lifestyles because of their eternal search for themselves and their fear of confrontation and having to change a situation & face the real world, also they justify drug usage as a means to attain spirituality.

Due to their naturally artistic nature, people who share this birthday excel best in a work environment where they can express themselves. They can be easily distracted, so keeping a schedule is very important. Their creative side should be well utilized before it diverts into extreme steps. March 20th people are naturally very loving and loyal, so they make great life partners and parents. They don’t easily forget & forgive to those who have hurt them.