Famous People Born in 1967

According to Chinese astrology, every year is related with an animal and people born in that year have all the characteristic traits of that animal. 1967 is the year of the sheep and people born in this year are charming, shy and sensitive like the animal. At the same time, they are always impeccable in their mannerisms, though they lack practicality in their words and actions. This is because they tend to say wrong things at wrong places and at wrong time. Here are some famous people born in the year 1967:

Their innocence gives them a special quality, which makes friends and admirers around them all the time, with constant support and protection. Their family members and loved ones are also greatly attached to them and vice versa.

People born in the year 1967 love to stay home and they are most comfortable when in their familiar surroundings, with their loved ones around. They are not very quick to open up in love and relationships and take their time to build trust in others. But when they do so, they make lasting partners, committed for a lifetime. They have love for aesthetics and present themselves as most elegant people, though this can sometimes make them too conscious about their looks.

These individuals are seldom over ambitious and are happy with the careers they are passionate about, even though they are not able to make something grand in them. They do well in the field of acting, designing, gardening and teaching young children. Insecurity and anxiety make negative aspects of the personality of 1967 born people.