Famous People Born On November 14

The personality traits of the people born on 14th November are influenced by the planet Pluto and Mercury. They are lively by nature and are enthusiastic. They can be prone to boredom quickly and can have inflexibleviewpoints. It is normal for them to display aggressive behavior in an unfavorable situation. They come under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, they are compassionate and caring towards others. They love nature a lot. They regard themselves as analytical and refuse to the worldly standard of success. The famous people born on this date are Jawaharlal Nehru, Aaron Copland, Charles Lyell, George Washington and Claude Monet.

Like the typical Scorpio the financial condition of the people born on this date is marked by a casual attitude. The have a casual attitude towards money and are not concerned about it. They often engage in impulsive shopping and do not care for the bad ideas ahead. It can make the people suffer from some sort of financial crises at some point of time. These people often make a late decision as far as their career is concerned. They are most comfortable in an academic setting. Teaching or research would be an ideal option as far as their careers are concerned.

These people think very high on relations. They do not like any form of specific connections and like to keep things to themselves. But people tend to face difficulty in expressing their emotions as well as feelings. They express their true commitment to any relationship if they feel that the partner is true and intimate.