Famous People Born on March 14

As per astrology, people born on this date come under the zodiac sign of Pisces. They are interested in mystical things. They are likely to have a vivid imagination. They are very creative people. People born on this date have lyrical skills. They are very extraordinary. One of the important things is that they have a spiritual connection. People born on this date are assumed to be intelligent. People born this date are highly sensitive and imaginative people and strong creative insight.

  • James Vince Success Story

    Profile James Michael Vince is an English cricketer. A right-handed middle order batsman, he plays for Hampshire County Cricket Club. James is a talented football player. Childhood James was born on 14 March 1991 in Cuckfield, West Susse...
  • Albert Einstein Success Story

    Born during the German Empire in 1879, Albert Einstein went on to have one of the most important and historically significant careers of all scientists. An acclaimed physicist and public thinker, many of the theories that Einstein introduced during his scientific career have g...

People born on this are generally selflessness. As per astrologically, the ruling planet for the people born on 14th March is Mercury. Hence they are a visionary dreamer. They are innovative and imaginative. They also have excellent communication skills. Their communication is so effective that they can easily impress people and can attract towards them.

People born on this date are little idealistic in nature. They are very sincere people. What work they need to do, they do it very sincerely and with full dedication. They do their work wholeheartedly and try to achieve their set goals. People born this date are found to be accepting, flexible and affectionate. They are very open minded people. They are the individual with unbiased judgment. People born on this date are aesthetically inclined so that their dreams are likely to filled with fanciful scenes.

One of the famous people born on 14th March is Albert Einstein. He was born on this date in year 1879. Albert Einstein was a German born theoretical physicist. He is the one who developed general theory of relativity. He is also well known for his mass energy equivalence formula E= mc2 and received the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics.