Famous People Born On september 13

The planet Uranus rules September 13th. People who are born on this particular date are famous for their kindness as well as devotion. They are generous and are fine with the fact that they can lose everything for the sake of others. On the health front, it is advised that the people born on this date be calm and they are prone to occasional headaches once in a while. They need to utilize their physical and mental energies for promoting their overall reality. These people are sensitive and prone to self-criticism. Charles Brown, Daniel Defoe, Michael Johnson, Tavis Smiley and Bill Monroe are the famous people born on this date.

  • Jean Claude Decaux Success Story

    Born in Beauvais in 1937, Jean Claude Decaux is a French entrepreneur who created JC Decaux, the international group. It is a multi-national corporation primarily dedicated to outdoor advertising, especially through billboards, street furniture and bus-stop advertisements....

They are ambitious like the Uranus and take the onus all of themselves rather than leaving things to fate. They are not too much concerned about money as they are keen on spending more. Along with it, their generosity also brings in a lot of financial shortcomings. They need to focus more on saving and reduce their habit of generosity to overcome their financial shortcomings. Career wise these people are very determined and ambitious. Mostly they are attracted to unusual professions, and work satisfaction is important to these people in the choice of a profession. They do well in voluntary and charitable jobs.

The people born on this date possess a strong sense of individuality butare also concerned with security that comes in a relationship. They love being cherished and respected by their love mates. Since these people are work addicts, they need a partner who would understand them and help them relax.