Best Male Athlete Espy Award Winners

The ESPY awards are presented to people who has shown wonderful courage more often than not athletes, but not always. Since 1993 every summer, ESPN has offered its annual Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (ESPY) Awards in honor of the most and best memorable team or individual players and moment from the past year in games. Initially the ESPY ceremonial took place at Radio City Music Hall from 1995-1999.

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    Childhood Tiger Woods was born on December 30, 1975 to Earl and Kultida Woods. He is considered to be one of the most talented sportsmen ever. He has already been regarded as one of the most successful golfers ever. He is also the ...

ESPY Award winners are chosen online, with votes submitted by sports fans around the world. As of 2004, broadcasters, sportswriters, athletes, sports executives, ESPN personalities, and other athletic specialist have also been invited to vote.

The categories include in ESPY Award are the Best Female Athlete, Best Male Athlete, Best Breakthrough Athlete, Team of the Year and Best Coach/Manager, as well as honors for the top moments and top plays from the year. Awards are given in angling, bowling, fighting, driving, tennis, track, golfing, jockeying, and of course football, basketball, and soccer. Other awards transcending specific sports include Best Male/Female College Athlete, Best Championship Performance, Best Comeback Athlete, Best Moment, Best Game, Best Upset, Best Play, Best record-Breaking Performance, Best Sports Movie, and more.

This year they selected Caitlyn Jenner, even though she had not obligatory surgery,besides few of the winners of ESPY Awards are famous sportsperson like Lorena Ochoa, Albert Pujols, Lionel Messi Usain Bolt, and lots more. Michael Jordan's is no different from a lot of others. In the year 1999 he won best NBA player and in 1998 he won as the most valuable and best NBA player ESPY Award.