Become Who You Are Meant To Become

Become Who You Are Meant To Become

Become Who You Are Meant To Become

If you are ready to answer your life calling, you already have a good sense of why you have to do it. The answer might not make sense to your rational mind, and it may in fact seem fully antithetical to your common sense, but your mind is not the primary organ of your lifework. The primary organs of your lifework are your heart, your soul, and your spirit of being.

1. The Secret

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Secrets For Startup Entrepreneurs

The most important secret to answering your life calling and implementing your lifework is that the transition is about you, by you, and for you. You have to set your own agenda and make progress towards your own lifework in your own way. What is right for someone else might be wrong for you, and what is right for you may be wrong for someone else. The world can witness your being and your doing, but the world cannot be you for you, nor can the world accomplish your lifework for you.

Although by definition your life calling is specific to you, your journey need not be a solitary quest. When you need help with your lifework, there will be people and resources around you that can assist along the way. If you are open and willing to learn from them, you can discover a multiplicity of possibilities that will guide you according to your needs.

2. The Transition

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Work with Integrity

Additionally, the transition from a regular job to an extraordinary lifework does not have to mean that you must quit your day job and change your lifestyle radically, or that you have to give up all your possessions in search of the perfect endeavor that will change the world forever. Creating a condition in which you have little financial wherewithal to move ahead with your life purpose can be more counterproductive to your life calling than maintaining a job for practical reasons and patiently waiting for the right circumstances to launch your lifework.

The starving artist syndrome is as much a myth for people who are succeeding in a planned manner as it is a reality for those who believe in trials and tribulations. Having to pay your dues before attaining success is as much a false expectation for people who are achieving their dreams in a strategic fashion as it is an obstacle for those who are easily detoured from their purpose.

3. The Right Intentions

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Breaking the Worst Possible Outcomes

Who are you? What are you here to do?

The right answers await the right questions, and the right questions follow naturally from the right intentions. You can reinvent your life and work and achieve what you are meant to achieve in order to become who you are meant to become. If something can be imagined as a possibility (a gift to you from the universe), then it can also be achieved concretely (your contribution back to the universe).

Such an endeavor isn’t necessarily an easy activity, though, as the actualization of a dream often requires a determined reconstruction of the conditions necessary to make it happen. If you furthermore accept the premise that your immediate choices predicate your ulterior outcomes (i.e. you create the conditions of your own future), you must correspondingly be wise to the circumstances that surround you and thus move through the various obstacles and opportunities to your greatest advantage. As such, you must recognize that your success depends on making the right decisions at the right time for the right reasons.

4. The Differentiators

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The value proposition of discerning your life calling is that by asking the tough questions and providing the even tougher answers (as many times as required) you can discover “the difference that makes the difference” between ordinary endeavors and extraordinary achievements. You will be more effective in your proceedings by working smarter from the start than by working harder in the end.

By discovering your own differentiators – your unique gifts and talents – you can create sustainable evidence of your success so that your life and work become everything you want them to become. Perhaps, if you are daring enough, you can even exceed your own expectations. Achieving your lifework is within your realm of possibilities, because it is the “work of your life.” If you are called to it, you can answer it.