Bobby Murphy Photos

Bobby Murphy in an Interview

Snap Chat Founder Evan Spiegal and Bobby Murphy

Bobby and Evan at Snapchat

Evan and Bobby in Snapchat

Booby Murphy at TIME 100 Gala

Bobby and Evan attended TIME 100 Gala

Snapchat Boys Bobby and Evan

Bobby Murphy with Evan Spiegel, Rupert Murdoch and David Koch

Bobby Murphy in Stephen Colbert Show

Bobby and Evan with Their Friends

Bobby and Evan with Snapchat Logo

Bobby Murphy' House

Luxury In Bobby's House

Bobby Can Have a Wonderful View from His House Terrace

Lavish Hall in Booby's House

Bedroom in Bobby's $2.1 Million House

Living Room in Bobby Murphy's House

Beautiful Kitchen in Snap Chat's Co-Founder House

A Close Look of Bobby's Kitchen

Beautiful Stair Case

Bobby Can See Outside of His House From This View

Washroom in His House

Bed room in Bobby Murphy house